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Gucci Equestrian ambassador Edwina Alexander mastering the jump with her horse Ego. #gucci #equestrians #paris #eiffeljumping @edwinatopsalexander

she’s just standing up. there isn’t even an angle in her knee… 

Because of the size of the jump, it’s important to lean forward more while still holding yourself up. Her knee doesn’t need an angle - she’s in takeoff, and the important thing now is to hold herself steady and off his back and give a release, and that’s what she is doing. As he moves under her in the arc of the jump, she can now move her hips back to keep herself balanced and close her knee angle.
This is a very good picture of a rider doing exactly what she is supposed to do.

She is an amazing rider, one of my favorites, who not only has incredible rides, but is also an incredible rider with amazing style and precision.

*deliciously entwined*

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